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Established in 2006 and based in Sydney, Australia, Waterplex provides unique rainwater storage solutions for residential, industrial, and municipal markets as well as flexible bulk liquid storage tanks for the container and truck transportation market.

As Australia's leading specialist provider of rainwater harvesting solutions and supplier of water tanks and accessories for rainwater storage, the team at Waterplex has supplied rainwater tanks to urban and rural customers for more than a decade. More importantly, our dependable team can ensure you have all the information for detailed and accurate guidance through the decision process so that you buy the right water tank that meets your requirements and is within your budget.

Our well-trusted team also has extensive experience in finding the best water storage solution for your home or site. We pride ourselves on our customer service and our ability to provide you with a solution that fits your requirements in a quick and professional way.

Waterplex water storage solutions include:

  • Steel water tanks up to 30,000 litres
  • Plastic water tanks up to 46,400 litres
  • Rainwater harvesting packages and solutions
  • Underground water tanks
  • Tank liners
  • Dam liners and pond liners
  • Liquid containment and spill bunding solutions

In addition to these various storage solutions, Waterplex is also Australia's largest provider of bladder tanks with the market leading patented Eco Sac® framed bladder tank as well as the reinforced Reo Sac® bladder tank for rainwater storage. There are also an array of large commercial and industrial bladders for mining and other commercial projects.

As part of the Australian water industry for the last 10 years, Waterplex has developed a national network of resellers and highly experienced preferred installers that can deliver a "supply and install" solution almost anywhere in Australia, including New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, and Victoria. Alternatively, you can just buy the right solution for you and use your own installer.

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At Waterplex, we are exceptionally proud of the contribution our customers are making to saving Australia's water using our products. Our team is always enthusiastic about capturing, saving, storing, and reusing Australia's rainwater. The estimated rainwater captured in Waterplex water tanks and bladder tanks is more than 2.1 billion litres and continuously growing by the hundreds every day.

Our Waterplex office is located at

13 Vicars Place,
Wetherill Park, Sydney, NSW, 2164

For more information about the different types of water storage and rainwater harvesting solutions we have available, as well as any of our bladder tanks and liquid transport systems, give our team a call at 1300 72 66 70. Otherwise, you can email us at

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