All-in-One Steel Slimline Water Tanks

All-In-One Slimline Tank

Waterplex is featuring its latest All-In-One Steel Slimline Tank, which integrates a submersible pump and mains water controller inside the water tank so there's no unsightly rainwater switches and pumps on the side of your home. The switches are still easy to access and control at any time. Built from high-quality and solidly reliable Bluescope® Aquaplate® steel with an internal polymer food-grade lining, these tanks are designed to provide you with a solid and reliable method of storing your water on your property. Installation is easy since there are only two copper tail connection points for the plumber to connect to. The powerful submersible pump is so quiet you will struggle to even hear it, and there are no unsightly boxes, control units or external pumps as with many other tank installations. These tanks also save money in the long run, and the risk of loss or theft of the pump and controller during the building process is reduced.


All-In-One Steel Slimline Rainwater Tank Options

These tanks come with preinstalled pipes for even easier installation and can hold from 350 litres to 5,530 litres of liquid. The tank and rainwater harvesting package are delivered as a complete unit to the slab on site. Factory assembled and tested before delivery, they are an excellent addition for new home installations. They are also pressure tested upon delivery to the slab.

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