Blue Mountain RHAD01 90mm Leaf Eater Advanced

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As the latest innovation based on the market leading Leaf Eater, the Blue Mountain RHAD01 90mm Leaf Eater Advanced is the ideal rain head solution to preventing dirt, leaves, debris, insects, and animals from contaminating the quality of your rainwater. This rain head is designed with a compact shape so that it can be installed in places where larger rain heads won't fit. The patented swivelling VH Pivot outlet is designed to suit vertical or horizontal (rear outlet) downpipes. This allows you to easily filter leaves and debris before they even reach your downpipes no matter what the shape of your gutters, eaves, and roof is. A rubber "O" ring ensures a water-tight seal on the pivot section.

The Leaf Eater Advanced features a patented single screen technology (instead of the usual two screens) for advanced shedding of debris using the Rainwater Harvesting Cleanshield® technology. Additionally, it also features a superior catchment efficiency at low- and high-flow rates for less splashing in order to increase the volume of the rainwater you harvest.

PDF Document Blue Mountain RHAD01 90mm Leaf Eater Advanced Data Sheet


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