Blue Mountain TATG02 Tank Gauge

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With the help of the Blue Mountain TATG02 Tank Gauge, you'll be able to keep better track of the amount of water remaining in your tank. This tank gauge is designed to reveal how quickly your water supply is replenished during rainfall events, allowing you to make more calculated and accurate water usage decisions. This easy-to-read dial face features both "Empty" and "Full" indicators that offer a more meaningful measurement than simple numbered dials.

By taking advantage of this gauge and tracking and understanding how you're using the water, you can take the steps necessary to avoid unexpected shortfalls and make your supply last longer. Installation is easy since the tank gauge can be sealed directly to a wide variety of tank shapes, including dome-topped, flat, peaked, etc. It requires no batteries or wiring and needs next to no maintenance. It's also suitable for all vented aboveground and belowground tanks up to 2.5m/100 inches in height.

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