Commercial & Industrial Bladder Systems


The Waterplex range of commercial and industrial bladder systems give you the flexibility to have short to long-term liquid storage options available in the harshest environments.  Compared to traditional tank solutions, they require minimal site preparation and can be folded and moved from site-to-site, or stored ready to be deployed for almost any application.

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    Commercial Bladder Tanks

    For commercial purposes, we offer bladder tanks that are ideal for those with limited space, with limited access, or with an unusually shaped open space or area. You will be able to experience the advantages of the domestic bladder tanks for your...

  • Mining Bladder with Safety Overflow


    Industrial and Mining Bladder Tanks

    For a short-term to medium-term water storage solution, we recommend trying our bladder tanks that have been designed specifically for industrial and mining applications. These types of tanks are ideal for situations in which you need to store portable...

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    I-Flex Storage Flexitank

    The Waterplex I-Flex Flexitank is a food-grade bladder tank that is designed to provide reliable and flexible short and long term storage for food manufacturers with limited permanent storage capacity. Additionally, the tank is ideal for managing liquids...

Commercial & Industrial Bladder Tank Options

Our select range of quality fabrics mean you can safely store anything from potable water to industrial chemicals and fuels.  Inlets and outlets can be customised to suit your exact requirements and there are a range of optional extras available to help ensure your bladder is protected from the elements.

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