Dam & Pond Liners

Dam and Pond Liners


Water dams and ponds are a major form of water storage in Australian rural and bush communities, and Waterplex offers a practical and effective solution to prevent seepage. Dam and Pond Liners are an essential addition to these bodies of water that are designed to prevent the liquid from leaking out of its containment. These liners are engineered using only the best materials, offering high-quality water control. The liners can be made to your specification or design to meet your requirements when you give us the right information. Waterplex also can fold and pack the liner so that it will be easy to deploy upon arrival. It will be ready to go as soon as you need it.

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    Waterplex Dam & Pond Liner

    In Australian rural and bush communities, water dams and ponds are a major form of water storage. A lot of this water is unfortunately lost through evaporation and seepage. Waterplex Dam and Pond Liners are an effective solution to prevent seepage...

Dam & Pond Liner Specifications

Waterplex Dam and Pond Liners are constructed from a manufactured material with a thickness that is consistent over the entire dam floor, ensuring that water is not lost or wasted through seepage.

The type and thickness of the material varies, and the main determinants include the size of the dam or pond, the amount of exposure to UV rays, the required dam liner life, the preparation and nature of the base of the dam, and the available budget for the dam liner.

Dam & Pond Liner Installation

The installation stage is just as important as the manufacturing stage. The following are the key steps to the installation of a dam or pond liner.

        • Planning and discussion with the team at Waterplex
        • Site preparation, including anchor trenches if they are being installed
        • Installation of the protective material layer
        • Installation of the dam liner, including on site fabrication if required
        • Finish of site, including anchor trenches and any fencing requirements (i.e. if cattle will be near the dam or pond)
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