Davey TankSense Water Level Monitor

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The Davey TankSense Water Level Monitor is an invaluable device to have on hand as it allows you to easily track and monitor your water resource in order to ensure that your supply is always available. You won't be surprised by a water shortage with this device keeping an eye out for you. It can be customised to suit your specific living arranges while providing real time data from an app directly to your mobile phone. It informs you of how many days of water you have left remaining and alerts you when your tank water levers are low based on your household's usage.

Easy to install, this device uses a combination of sensor data from the TankSense sensor, historical usage data, rainfall predictions for the location of the tank, and the size of the roof in order to accurately monitor and track your water levels. The TankSense also is capable of predicting certain weather events, which can save you from ordering water unnecessarily if the water levels rise from expected rainfalls. The algorithm is designed to learn from past experiences in order to increase the accuracy of when the tank will run out of water. External data streams, such as weather predictions and the roof size, are used to enhance the algorithm even further.

PDF Document Davey TankSense Water Level Monitor Data Sheet

PDF Document Davey TankSense Water Level Monitor Operating Instructions


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