Flexitanks / Bulk Liquids

Shipping liquids is an extremely difficult and costly process that most shipping containers aren't designed for. Rather than rely on the use of bespoke solutions that limit the use of the transportation tank or the use of smaller transportation units, Flexitanks are the dynamic and world leading solution for the bulk transport of food-grade and non-hazardous liquids nationally and internationally.

A flexitank container is a flexible bulk liquid container that is placed inside an ocean shipping container for the transport of most types of food-grade and non-hazardous liquids. It is similar to a water bladder in structure but is built specifically for transport. It is a commonly accepted solution for the transport of bulk liquids in Australia and worldwide and is also approved by stringent guidelines set by international bodies for the carriage of bulk liquid products by sea.

These tanks are constructed of multiple layers of food-grade polyethylene with an outer covering of woven polypropylene. They are a cost-effective alternative since they reduce the cost and amount of packaging required to transport bulk liquid in a shipping container. Flexitanks also cost less to load and unload and take much less time for the unloading process, usually requiring only one or two people to install them. The flexitanks are much more efficient because they significantly increase the capacity that can be transported inside a container because the tank makes greater use of the available space, making them superior to individual smaller containers, which waste space due to their shape and the empty space left in an ocean container.

Waterplex carries a wide range of different types of flexitanks, including the no bulkhead E-Flex, the R-Flex Reefer, the K-Flex IBC, the H-Flex heating system, and the I-Flex storage tank. Each flexitank is designed with an invaluable purpose that effectively provides a reliable and safe way to transport and store your liquids.

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