H-FLEX - 20' Flexitank Heating System


The LiquA H-Flex Steam Liner is the fastest flexitank heating system available in the industry. This enhanced version of the E-Flex flexitank offers heating capabilities that are 20 times faster compared to any other standard flexitank. It quickly heats up solidified liquids in order to speed up the discharge process. The H-Flex is specifically designed to work well with the types of liquids that need to be melted down at their destination for discharge. This includes products such as palm oil, stearin, olein, fatty acids, fish oil, used cooking oil (UCO), fructose, and molasses. With the ability to carry an impressive 27,000 litres of liquid, this flexitank makes it possible to transport 3,000 litres more per container, creating a savings of 12-percent on overall freight cost.

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    LiquA H-Flex Flexitank Heating System

    The LiquA H-Flex Steam Liner is the innovative idea of introducing a total heating system into a flexitank using a chamber that preserves and circulates steam all around the flexitank. The H-Flex works by applying up to 4 bars, 130-degree C steam into...

How the LiquA H-Flex Steam Liner Works

This heating system uses a steam liner and steam pipes that provide heat all throughout the flexitank. 130-degree C steam at 4 bars is applied through a pipe system that circulates that steam all around the container and heats up the cargo with a high transmission rate. Not only is this steam distributed to the bottom, top, and core of the flexitank, but it also insulates the metal side walls of the shipping container, increasing the heating performance while shortening the heating operation. Eventually, the steam then condenses to 20-degree C cold water by transmitting its whole heat directly to the liquids.

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