In-Ground - First Flush Water Tank Filtration


For properties located on sloping allotments, the First Flush In-Ground Diverters are essential. These devices remain buried and out of sight as they prevent unmentionables such as bird droppings, mosquito eggs, debris, and other contaminants from getting into your water supply. It can also be used to convert your wet rainwater harvesting system into a dry system. Regular maintenance can ensure that this device is constantly working efficiently.

  • Blue Mountain 300mm First Flush In-Ground

    Blue Mountain

    Blue Mountain WDIG01 300mm First Flush In-Ground

    The Blue Mountain 300mm First Flush In-Ground is the ideal solution to preventing sediment, bird droppings, insects, mosquito eggs, and debris from entering your rainwater tank, effectively preventing contamination while preserving the overall quality of...

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