K-FLEX - Flexible IBC


The K-Flex Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) removes the rigid tank and steel frame of standard plastic IBCs and replaces it with a more flexible and structurally sound transport solution that is capable of shipping up to 1,000 litres of liquid. This transport solution is suitable for most non-hazardous liquid products, is cost effective, easily deployable, and more than capable of getting the job done. These containers can be packed to a fraction of their original size and can be easily stored until they're needed. The K-Flex is supplied in a flat-pack format that allows for efficient, low-cost shipping to the point of filling. Easy to assemble and fill, the food-grade liner is already installed inside the reinforced outer.

  • Collapsible IBC Intermediate Bulk Container


    K-Flex - Collapsible Drum IBC

    The Waterplex K-Flex Collapsible Drum IBC is the world leading flexible intermediate bulk container that takes the idea of steel framed rigid plastic IBCs and removes the rigid tank and steel frame parts while still retaining the structural integrity...

Benefits of the K-Flex IBC Container

While the containers are designed for single use, which prevents cross-contamination of liquids, some of their components are reusable to reduce the cost even further while the other parts can be recycled. With the K-Flex, you will be able to significantly increase shipping capacity over conventional forms of shipping since the ability to stack these flexible IBCs allows you to utilise all available space in the shipping containers or trucks. They also reduce the risk of damaging containers because they are self-supporting. Due to their flexibility, when not in use, the IBCs pack to a fraction of the assembled size so that they can be carried as "tanks" to use if a liquid transport back load opportunity arises at any time.

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