LiquA E-Flex 20' GP Flexitanks

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When engineering the LiquA E-Flex Flexitanks - we made sure to give it the capabilities necessary to withstand the forces required to hold a liquid inside a container without moving. Designed to improve the transportation of food-grade and non-hazardous liquids, the E-Flex is the world leading superior self-supporting flexitank that offers many advantages. With the absence of a bulkhead, the installation process is significantly simplified while removing any risks associated with dealing with a bulkhead.

Instead of a bulkhead, the E-Flex is integrated with a harnesse located at the door-end that works to prevent the liquid from splashing around inside the shipping container. Since the liquid cannot move around freely, it is less likely to escape. You will see a significant increase in shipping capacity per container load, with 15 percent more payload than IBCs, 44 percent more payload than drums, and 50 percent more payload than bottles.

LiquA E-Flex is capable of shipping a wide range of liquid types, including lactic acid, palm oils, fruit concentrates, printing ink, sorbitol, paraffins, and much more.

Use the configurator to work out the best solution for your product and payload requirements.  The 20,000 Litre model can carry as little as 16,000 Litres and the largest size has you covered to 27,000 Litres!  If your product is sensitive to oxygen contact, our models that include EVOH ensure your cargo arrives in perfect condition.

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