Rainwater Storage Bladder Tanks

Bladder Tanks


Bladder tanks are the ideal solution to those who have limited storage space or limited access. They are the lightweight alternative that can be rolled up to a fraction of their full capacity, allowing you to maximise the amount of water they can carry in a smaller area. Our bladder tanks are available with a frame and without a frame. With a frame, the tank can store up to 20% more water per square metre, the frame makes sure that the size always remains the same, and it ensures the tank always stays inside the frame and not touching any part of the building structure. Without a frame, reinforced material doesn't stretch, the footprint of the tank changes as it expands and contracts, and there is a risk that the tank might move in heavy rainfall or if the ground isn't level.

  • Waterplex Stainless Steel Reo Sac Bladder Tanks


    Waterplex Stainless Steel Reo Sac Bladder Tanks

    As the leading reinforced under house and under deck water storage solution in the country, Waterplex Stainless Steel Reo Sac Bladder Tank is the ideal addition to your property. What makes this water tank more unique and more dependable than others is...

  • Waterplex Reo Sac Bladder Tanks


    Waterplex Reo Sac Bladder Tanks

    The Waterplex Reo Sac Bladder Tank is the market leading reinforced bladder tank water storage solution that comfortably sits under your house or under your deck, taking up all that wasted space and putting it to good use. With superior overlap welds and...

  • Eco Sac Rainwater Bladder


    Waterplex Stainless Steel Eco Sac Bladder Tanks

    Limited space or access for your bladder tanks is no longer an issue once you get the Waterplex Steel Eco Sac Bladder Watertank. It's the ideal solution for your water storage on your property because it can roll up to a fraction of its full capacity and...

  • Eco Sac


    Waterplex Eco Sac Bladder Tanks

    Widely recognized as the best bladder tank solution and the only framed bladder tank available in Australia, the Waterplex Eco Sac Bladder Tank is the preferred water bladder solution of architects, designers, and hydraulic engineers for under the house...

Water Bladder Tank Options

As Australia's largest provider of superior working bladder tanks, Waterplex offers the market leading patented Eco Sac as the go-to-choice for anyone who is seeking a strong and immobilized framed bladder tank. For a reliable and reinforced version, Waterplex offers the innovative Reo Sac for storing rainwater. In addition, there's also the Flexitanks, which provide temporary storage for the short term and long term, providing a safe and reliable method of keeping liquids stored and ready for when they're needed.

Available in a range of sizes with different liquid carrying capacities, bladder tanks can be used for both commercial and industrial applications. Choose from the Eco Sac framed water bladder tank or the Reo Sac domestic reinforced water bladder tank. Both are engineered to protect and maintain your water's quality, and each of them have their own advantages and configurations. Waterplex bladder tanks can also be customised to fit exactly the requirements you're looking for in your ideal liquid storage tank.

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