Waterplex Round Garden Bed

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You'll be able to make your lawn or garden a lot more eye-catching when you install the Waterplex Round Garden Bed. This addition to your lawn doesn't take up a lot of room in your garden, only adding a pleasant accessory that complements the overall area. Lightweight and easily locatable, the garden bed is ready to be made into a garden straight away.

The garden bed is engineered using the same Bluescope® Aquaplate® galvanised and Colourbond® steel you can find in our water tanks. That means it has an internal polymer lining that provides added protection from moisture, ensuring a longer life. All the joins are machine riveted for extra strength to withstand the weight of the soil, and the top edges of the garden bed are rolled so there are no sharp edges on the Bluescope® steel.

To begin with, you should bury the first few corrugations to give the garden bed added stability if you are placing the garden bed on a lawn or in a garden. Add 15cm to the finished height you want to achieve in order to work out the height of garden bed you need. Next, you need to fill the first 2/3 of the garden bed with suitable drainage materials and then lay a bed of straw on top of the drainage material. The garden bed can be filled with topsoil, or you can add organic material such as cow manure, horse manure, or raw fruits to the pile. Essentially, you will be planting in compost one the organic material decomposes. Finally, you can start planting in the topsoil or the decomposed organic material.

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