Round Steel Water Tanks

Round Tanks


A popular choice for many, Waterplex's Round Steel Water Tanks are adapted to provide homeowners with the best urban water storage solution that we can offer. They bring the iconic representations of rural Australia directly to the urban setting to provide you with a reliable and durable storage solution for your harvested rainwater. Their high-quality Bluescope® Aquaplate® steel along with their wide size and colour range make them a reliable option for your property. All of the round tanks are available on the eastern seaboard in and around the major metropolitan cities. We deliver your tank to the concrete slab at your home or on your site.

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    Waterplex Round Steel Watertank - 900mm to 2000mm Diameter

    You'll be able to start easily storing rainwater in your area for later use when you install the Waterplex Round Steel Watertank that ranges from 900mm to 2000mm in diameter. Built for practicality and designed for durability, this water tank is more...

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    Waterplex Round Steel Watertank - 2100mm to 3500mm Diameter

    Built with the durability needed to withstand the harsher environments, this water tank is an excellent solution when it comes to storing water near your home or at your site. The tank is manufactured from high-quality Bluescope® Aquaplate® steel...

Round Steel Rainwater Tank Options

The round steel tanks are available in over 700 sizes and hold between 270 litres to 28,960 litres, allowing you to pick the right one that will fit and blend into your property. Multiple tanks can be manifolded together to achieve larger storage quantities. The following standard fittings are supplied with the tank: 400mm inlet leaf strainer, 25mm outlet, brass ball valve, and 90mm PVC overflow.

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