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One of the challenges facing businesses today is managing business and manufacturing risks while caring for the environment.

One of the issues in manufacturing, storing or transporting liquids is the risk of product spills and the costs of any clean up and resulting damage to the local and general environment. Spill containment products assist in managing and mitigating that risk and in cleaning up environmental spills quickly and effectively if the worst occurs.

Managing, Containing and Cleaning up Product and Chemical Spills

Spill containment risk and clean up management requires appropriate containment installations and spill clean-up products in order to quickly and effectively manage any spill.

Waterplex offers a range of spill containment and management products. The spill containment products might be where a spill is known or planned to occur or as a safety back-up containment in case of an accidental spill.

In some cases, spill containment solutions maybe be preventative or they may be reactionary.

Preventative spill containment solutions are designed to immediately capture any spill that may occur as part of a liquid handling or manufacturing process. They are typically designed and deployed before the activity takes place. The prior deployment means that if a spill occurs it is contained and able to be managed without risk of damage or loss outside the containment environment. The “spill” may even be a known component or rate (for example, leaking equipment or dripping occurring from the decanting from larger storage vessels). A simple example of a preventative spill containment product is a pallet bund.

Reactionary spill containment solutions are designed for fast deployment to contain a spill that is not foreseen or cannot practicably be predicted beforehand. The most important aspects of a reactionary spill containment solution are ease of deployment, ease of storage and handling (cubic measurement and weight) and suitable of the containment product for the liquid spilled (for example, hydrocarbons adversely impact on some materials used in spill containment). An example of a reactionary spill containment solution is a foldable spill containment bund fabricated from a flexible material.

The Waterplex range of spill management products includes

  • Pallet bunding
  • Drum bunding
  • Portable bunding and spill containment units
  • In-site spill bunding liners and barriers

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