Square Tanks

Square Slimline Tank

Maximise your liquid carrying capacity by installing one of Waterplex's innovative Square Steel Water Tanks. These tanks are engineered from Bluescope® Aquaplate® steel and feature an internal polymer food-grade lining that prevents the water from coming in contact with the steel, minimizing the risk of corrosion while improving the overall quality of the water. This is an excellently solid water storage solution that is designed for easy installation on your property.

Available in more than 4,500 size and colour combinations, these tanks can hold from 560 litres to 7,910 litres of liquid. The whole range of square water tanks is supplied with the standard 400mm inlet, 90mm overflow, and 25mm outlet and gate valve. Each tank is hydraulically tested before it leaves the factory and is quality checked through each stage of the manufacturing process.

  • Basalt Waterplex Square Steel Watertank


    Waterplex Square Steel Watertank

    The Waterplex Square Steel Watertank is a durable, dependable, and strong choice for the right water storage solution for your home. A cost-effective option that looks great on your property, this water tank is designed to maximise your water storage...

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