Stormwater Detention Tanks

Detention Tanks

Waterplex carries a wide variety of tanks that can be used as Detention Tanks, such as pre-fabricated concrete tanks, blockwork or concrete tanks built on-site with a tank liner, aboveground poly tanks, underground poly tanks, aboveground steel tanks, and bladder tanks. The purpose of a detention tank is to slow the surplus water entering the storm water system to be similar to the flow rates prior to the hard surface being developed on the land. It temporarily detains rainwater but does not store that water over time. While the same amount of water will enter the storm water system, detention tanks slow down the rate of water entering the system to compensate for the increased flow sue to hard surfaces.

This type of tank is equipped with an outlet that is always open so that water can always escape. The tank is designed so that it will always empty the required amount of water at the required rate. The rate at which the water will escape from the tank is a function of the diameter of the outlet (usually called an orifice) and the capacity and dimensions of the tank. The size of the orifice required to allow water to escape is determined by taking into account the force of the water in the tank primarily determined by the tank dimensions and height.

When choosing the type of detention tank for your property, you should consider the specified capacity and size of orifice outlet or fitting, the space and aesthetic considerations, the budget considerations, and the ease of installation and maintenance.


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