Colin & Anita

Steel Slimline Water Tank“We, like a lot of homeowners, wanted to install water tanks but have issues with access to our property. We also didn’t want a large unsightly plastic tank taking up our valuable outdoor living area.

We found that the water tanks available on the market did not meet any of our needs because of their size and weight until we came across the AquaClad slim line water tank.

The AquaClad is so versatile coming flat packed in different heights, widths, lengths and colours. It was the product for us. These tanks were easily installed and have been nestled nicely under our pool coping, blending in to its surroundings”

Community Building

Barry from St George’s Anglican church was responsible for the purchase and installation of 10 under floor eco sac® framed water bladder tanks from Waterplex . He worked closely first with the Waterplex advisors on finding the best bladder tank solution and then with the Waterplex (Green Plumber qialified) preferred installer to have the bladder tanks installed. Barry and the church community were very pleased with the outcome. Barry said:

“After the recent November rains the storage facility is at almost full capacity, and water savings are taking effect immediately.

Many thousands of people use our buildings and facilities annually, including parishioners, students and parents from local schools, community groups and many more, We have estimated that we will save in excess of 100,000 litres of water per year now that the system is fully operational.”

Daryl M.

…the Liqua flexitank bladders were supplied for an urgent requirement within a very short lead time. The bladders were quick and easy to deploy and provided more than 1 million litres of cost-effective temporary storage…..

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