Underground Rainwater Tanks

Underground Tanks


For those who have limited space available on their properties or are looking for a more discrete way to hide their water tank, we recommend trying Waterplex's reliable Underground Tanks as the ideal choice of water storage. Underground water tanks offer a more discrete water storage solution, and they are especially handy when dealing with limited space. These types of tanks function as a central storage area that allows you to harvest rainwater from your entire roof.


Underground Water Tank Options

Built to be as durable as steel water tanks, these types of tanks carry an incredible amount of liquid without taking up space on the surface. As the name applies, underground tanks stay out of site, hiding underground as to not affect the look of the overall property. Easy to install and available in Donut and Bagel configurations, these tanks can be used as rainwater storage for irrigation or reticulation back into the home in line with the local, state, or federal requirements or guidelines as well as for the detention and retention of water to meet local council requirements. The donut tank can hold up to 3,000 litres of liquid while the bagel tank can hold up to 5,000 litres of liquid.

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