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3 Tips to Choosing the Ideal Water Storage Solution for Your Space

Sep 28, 2012

Drought. Water main disruption. Power Outage. We may not be able to avoid them, but we can prepare for them. Human-error and natural disasters can mean no access to power or water supply for days, even weeks, making it essential to prepare while we still can.Smart people have medicine and survival kits, food stowed away in their pantries, and power banks frequently charged. The …

How to Repair Leaking Water Tanks

Aug 17, 2012

Have you had enough of your tank leaking? How long have you been thinking about getting it fixed but you are just not sure what to do? Here are some suggestions that may help avoid the cost of a new tank – and stop your existing tank from leaking. The most common cause of leaking tanks is the age of the tank. The leaks might be due to ground movement or tank movement over …

QLD Government Rainwater Tank Strategy

Posted by Media Release by The Water Tank Group 26 July 2012 on Jul 27, 2012

Rainwater Tank Facts Since rainwater tanks were included in new homes in Queensland it is estimated that every year over 21 billion litres of water will be stored and used. This means 21 billion litres less of water to be supplied from expensive infrastructure and 21 billion litres less water to be dealt with in our stormwater systems. By 2056, data from the Queen QWC estimat …

Manufactured Steel Water Tanks Now With Watermark Certification

Jul 02, 2012

All manufactured steel tanks from Waterplex are now Watermark certified which means each and every tank is audited to meet the strict Watermark regulations.Under the Watermark certification, manufactured steel tanks are evaluated to the requirements of ATS 5200.026.2004, the Australian Technical Specification for plumbing and drainage standards Part 026 for cold water storage t …

COA Code of Practice for Flexitanks

Jun 23, 2012

The Container Owners Association (COA) has been working on a Code of Practice for Flexitanks for the last three years. The first Code of Practice for Flexitanks was published in 2010. The objective of the code of practice is to provide flexitank manufacturers with clear guidelines on the strength and durability required for their products as well as providing shipping line …
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