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Oct 05, 2013

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Not too long ago, Australia was in the middle of one of the most severe droughts we’ve ever faced. Read the collected resources below to learn about what you, your family, or your company can do to recycle water and lower your water consumption.

Water that can be recycled:


The easiest and simplest recyclable water source with the lowest risk and amount of energy required to make it reusable. Can be used as a drinking source.


Similar to rainwater, but the key difference is that stormwater is collected once it has fallen to the ground. Not suitable for drinking, but can be used in the garden or to flush a toilet.


Used household water (from a washing machine for instance) which can be recycled and used in the garden or, once treated, can be reused for general things around the house.

Industrial Water

Water which has been used by a company for other industrial uses, such as cooling or rinsing products. Not suitable for drinking, but is safe for simple household uses.


Wastewater from a toilet can be recycled and reused for agriculture or the next time you flush a toilet.

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What is Water Recycling and How is it Reused?

What water can be reused - Explanation of the different types of water and how they can be recycled.

How sewage water is recycled - Youtube video explaining how sewage water is recycled in Australia.

How to reuse rainwater - Basic explanation of how you can harvest and reuse rainwater.

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Domestic Water Recycling

Guide to reusing recycled water at home - Information on how to recycle greywater at home, what devices can be used to catch the water, and what options are available to you.

Reusing Greywater - The different uses for recycled greywater and blackwater at home.

How to lower your water usage at home - some quick, simple methods you can use to lower the amount of water you consume around the house.

Learn how to conserve water at home - Youtube video which teaches kids how they can help conserve water and why it’s important.

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Businesses and Water Recycling

What to consider (PDF) - If you are a company and thinking of investing in water recycling, this PDF is a great resource.

Resources and articles for reusing industrial water - Multiple sources of information for water reuse and recycling.

Industrial water reuse guide (PDF) - How to reuse water that has been used for industry or commercial purposes.

Stormwater recycling (PDF) - Benefits and requirements for recycling stormwater in QLD.

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