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Steel Slimline and Round Tanks - and Now Steel Square Tanks!

Feb 25, 2012

Waterplex has released a range of square rainwater tanks made from Bluescope® corrugated Aquaplate® steel in response to the challenge of finding the right size tank to fit the available space and maximise storage capacity. That’s right, Square Tanks! The “square” description relates to the footprint on the tank. The flexibility of varying heights provides for optimal storage i …

New Rainwater Tanks and Rainwater Storage Solutions

Jun 22, 2011

The burgeoning interest and need for rainwater storage in Australia has resulted in the development of many new and innovative products to meet consumer demand for more attractive and less obtrusive water tanks. As Australia’s population continues to grow, houses are becoming larger and land size is reducing. The end result is a larger catchment area for rainwater harvesting (b …

Rainwater Tanks as Decentralised Water Storage in Australia

May 20, 2011

Rainwater tanks the perfect solution for decentralised rainwater storage in built up environments. Rainwater has always been captured and stored most commonly in dams for urban environments - and rainwater tanks provide homeowners with the ability to have their own "dams" at home.For Australians living in rural locations, rainwater tanks are the only means of collecting and sto …

Rain Reviva Bladder Tanks Discontinued after Close of New Water

Mar 31, 2011

Rain Reviva water bladder tanks were discontinued in 2008 and are no longer available in Australia. New Water Pty Ltd, the manufacturer of Rain Reviva bladder tanks has subsequently closed and no longer supports the product warranty.Not sure if you have a Rain Reviva Bladder Tank by New Water Pty Ltd?There are a number of ways to identify if you have a Rain Reviva bladder tank: …
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