Waterplex Steel All-in-One Slimline Rainwater Tank w/Integrated Pump & Controller

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Note: The All-In-One option can be added to any tank selection! Please contact us for more information.

Waterplex's All-in-One Steel Slimline Rain Tank is the latest and greatest innovation in steel tanks as it integrates a submersible pump and mains water controller directly inside the water tank, concealing them from view. That means there's no more unsightly rainwater controller switches and pumps that are visible on the side of the home. The submersible pump and rainwater control switch are incorporated in the body of the tank, but both remain easily accessible to be able to maintain or check at any time.

This durable tank is engineered from high-quality Bluescope® steel, which provides you with a reliably strong water tank that doesn't easily dent, crack, or rust. The All-in-One Steel Slimline Rain Tank is ideal for new home installations and is factory assembled and fully tested before delivery, along with the pumps and rainwater control switch. There are no unsightly boxes, control units, or external pumps as with many other tank installations, so you won't be wasting any valuable real estate.

Both the tank and the rainwater harvesting package are delivered as a complete unit to the slab on site. There are only two copper tail connection points for the plumber to connect to, and a simple power point is all that is required to operate the mains water controller. Additionally, the powerful submersible pump is so quiet you will have to struggle to even hear it. The All-in-One saves you money in the long run, and the risk of loss or theft of the pump and controller during the building process is reduced.

PDF Document Waterplex Steel All-in-One Slimline Rainwater Tank w/Integrated Pump & Controller Datasheet

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All-in-One Slimline

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