Waterplex Onion Bladder Tank

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Utilise all of that wasted space under your house or under your deck by installing the Waterplex Onion Bladder Tank for optimal rainwater storage. An onion bladder tank is a unique short-term portable tank solution designed to give you the ability to take a tank to a remote or difficult location where it can then be used for water or other liquid storage. The tank is self-erecting, and it increases in height as it is filled. Designed for fast fill and empty cycles, it-s compact when empty and are easily transported, and its low-profile allows it to be used in limited height areas.

The onion tank is engineered for on-going use and last a very long time when well looked after. This tank is designed to be a portable tank that can be transported while empty and easily relocated. It is not designed to transport water. If you have a non-hazardous liquid transport requirement, please see the Waterplex range of Liquid Transport Solutions.

Possible applications for our onion water storage tank include: remote site water supply (such as drilling and exploration operations); bushfire fighting water tanks in remote locations (particularly as a water station for helicopter water buckets where they are filled from a shallower source); temporary water storage that easily fits on the back of a ute or truck when packed (e.g. for swimming pool maintenance); temporary farm and rural water tanks that can be shifted as and when required; and spill containment particularly where fast deployment and filling of a tank are critical.

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