Waterplex Stainless Steel Eco Sac Bladder Tanks

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Limited space or access for your bladder tanks is no longer an issue once you get the Waterplex Steel Eco Sac Bladder Watertank. It's the ideal solution for your water storage on your property because it can roll up to a fraction of its full capacity and weighs very little compared to other types of tanks, allowing you to take it through almost any limited access area to its installation site. Additionally, it can easily fit under your house or under your deck, taking up that wasted space.

What makes the Eco Sac so superior is its steel frame that prevents the bladder tank from moving, making sure that 1000 litres of water don't come into contact with any part of your home or building structure. The steel mounting plate (patent pending) fixes the pipe location and removes any stress from the pipes. It is critical that rigid pipes connected to bladder tanks are not put under any stress. The one-piece geo textile harness protects and holds the bladder tank within the steel frame and helps to maximise capacity as the bladder fills into the shape of the harness. Its market leading 100mm standard overpipe fitting ensures the maximum amount of rainwater is delivered to your tank without the risk of water backing up your downpipes.

All eco sac® products are tested before they leave the factory, are assigned a unique serial number for warranty tracking, and are available via the Waterplex national network of resellers in Sydney NSW, Melbourne VIC, Brisbane QLD, Adelaide SA, Perth WA, and Canberra ACT.

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