Waterplex 2020mm High Steel Rectangular Slimline 700mm to 750mm Wide

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NEED A DIFFERENT HEIGHT?  All our 2020mm High tanks can be manufactured to a height of 1940mm!  Simply add a note to your quote request and we'll get back to you with the exact details.

The Waterplex 2020H Steel Rectangular Super Slimline Rainwater Tank is designed differently from traditional corrugated steel slimline water tanks. In order to optimise the tank's available space, this water tank has straight ends that are only slightly curved because of the use of tight radius curves on the tank's corners. This allows you to store much more water while maximising the available space. Before the tank is delivered, we make sure that it is fully water tested before we send it onto the slab at your home, making sure that what we send you is the best that we can give.

For enhanced durability and increased longevity, the water tank is engineered from high-quality Bluescope® Aquaplate® steel that not only stores and preserves the water but also increases its quality. The Aquaplate® steel is equipped with a food grade polymer lining on the inside surface. This liner is designed to ensure that the water does not come into direct contact with the steel walls. This in turn helps reduce the risk of corrosion and improves water quality. Once installed, the tank can be used as an on-site detention tank, as a water retention tank, or for traditional rainwater harvesting.

The Waterplex 2020H Steel Rectangular Super Slimline Rainwater Tank is supplied with the following standard fittings: 400mm inlet leaf strainer; 25mm outlet; brass ball valve; and 90mm PVC overflow.

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Rectangular Slimline
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Warranty Information

10 Year Construction Warranty Bluescope® 20 Year Corrosion Warranty on Steel

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